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PolyTech Portable Two Component Polyurethane Spray Foam

PolyTech portable spray foam kits are self contained. No additional equipment is required to perform your task. The Resin-A and Resin-B cylinders are pressure calibrated in the factory to ensure delivery of optimum performances.

PolyTech Spray foam systems are available in three convenient sizes to match the requirements of your application and the magnitude of your project:

A slow-rise formulation is available by request!!!!!!!!!

Product Information

PT-120 PT-200 PT-620
Board Feet Coverage 120 200 620
Cubic Feet Coverage 10 16 51
Spray Hose Length 10' 10' 10'
Spray Nozzles Supplied 6 6 12

Technical Data

Free Rise Core Density 1.85 lbs./cubic feet
Compressive Strength
parallel to rise 20 P.S.I.
perpendicular to rise 14 P.S.I.
Tensile Strength, @ Yield
parallel to rise 26 P.S.I.
perdendicular to rise 23 P.S.I.
Shear Strength, @ Yield
parallel to rise 18 P.S.I.
perpendicular 13 P.S.I.
Closed Cell Content >97%
K Factor 0.122
R Factor 7.350
Water Absorption 4.577
Cold Aging @ 20 F
1 Day -1%
28 days - 2%
Dry Heat Aging @ 158 F
1 Day 4.5%
28 Days 5.5%

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