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How To Create Waterfall Backgrounds With PolyTech Polyurethane Portable Spray Foam Kits

Polyurethane foam is an ideal material for creating landscaping waterfall backgrounds. The foam has in excess of 95% closed cell contents, so problem with water permeability is minimal. The two pound density foam is light in weight. A relative large foam structure will not create any stress on the original foundation. The possible shapes of the waterfall background that can be created is only limited to end user's imaginations. Due to the fast curing time of polyurethane foam, a structure can be created and be operational within one day. All the wiring and plumbing can be designed and built into the sub-structure before the application of foam. The end result is a structure that is clean in appearance with all the intake and outlet ports located at the most desirable locations of choice.

A rough guideline for creating waterfall background with foam:

  1. Create a preliminary structure with lumbers (2x4's)
  2. Install all the necessary plumbing and wiring in the preliminary wood structure.
  3. Staple a layer of 100 mil waterproofing membranes over the wood structure. (Home Depot item)
  4. Attach chicken wire over the structure.
  5. Cover any exit or intake ports with masking tape or shrink wraps.
  6. Adjust the appearance of the structure by manipulating the shape of the chicken wires.
  7. Spray foam over the structure.
  8. Within 3 minutes after the foam achieved full expansion, adjust the final shape of the structure with gloved hands.
  9. Apply a coat of exterior or latex paint over the structure for protection against direct sunlight.
  10. Remove the protection on the intake and exit ports.
  11. Connect all the plumbing and wiring to the outside source.
  12. Introduce plants and aquatic species to compliment the finished waterfall.

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